• 1. In which countries do you recruit?

    We recruit in Germany and, if required, also through our locations in Austria and the Eastern EU such as Poland, Romania, Lithuania.

  • 2. Where do you conduct the interviews?

    We conduct interviews "remotely" via online platforms or directly in Europe via our meeting point in Berlin or for applicants from Eastern Europe in our branch office in Warsaw / Poland. We invite German applicants who are already in the UAE to our branch office in the UAE / Dubai. Thus we reach German and European specialists and executives exactly where they are.

  • 3. Do you also have a staff pool that you can access?

    Yes, eastRecruiting Professionals has the largest personnel database in Eastern Europe and, with your origin and management from Germany, direct access to the German labor market.

  • 4. How long does a recruitment process take?

    Usually we need 5 to10 days from the first interview with our clients to the first presentation of applicants.
    This is possible for us on the one hand, because we have the largest personnel database in Eastern Europe and in addition, as German recruiters with our German team in the Emirates, we can penetrate deeply into the German labor market from the UAE to provide the best recruitment success for personnel in the Emirates from Germany.

  • 5. What if you can't find staff?

    If no one applies for your vacant position, you will receive feedback from us within a short time. Together we can decide to optimize certain conditions or requirements to achieve more success. If the recruitment success remains unsuccessful, the customer will get his money back.

  • 6. Can I get to know the applicants beforehand?

    After we have presented you our pre-selection of German applicants for UAE - Dubai, you can call or arrange an online meeting with deb selected applicants in advance. Also here EastRecruiting supports you with the organization.

  • 7. How many people can I request from you?

    You can request an unlimited number of personnel from Germany for Dubai and the entire UAE. Each order will be billed separately.

  • 8. Which costs arise ?

    We calculate three gross monthly salaries for each placement. You can find more about this under the "Costs" tab. 

  • 9. Do you come to your customer for the first meeting?

    We would be happy to visit you on site at your company in the UAE or invite you to our office in Dubai to get to know you and the position to be filled better.